Saturday, December 11, 2010

a tip for a short car drive

half my day is spent in the "monster" aka our car. I drive to drop off the kids at school, go to work, go home, pick up kids, take them to practice, go run errands, pick up from practice and go home. Thats what it mostly sounds like during the week and the weekend. So traveling with two babies when they missed a nap or just not in the mood... is not as exciting as it sounds... so what works for my babies... well heres one thing...

Ama loves music, and if its BEP then she is even in a better mood. And if we are all singing in the car she even gets down. She loves it...and Santiago well he's use to it by now. He's a mellow one so he goes a long with the show.

and today I found out what calms Santiago...


he was mad and not a happy camper while we were on our way to Lala's basketball game and it was just me in the car with the babies... So instead of putting music on I just clapped and sang some songs.. I then put the radio on and clapped with the beat... don't ask how I did that and drive at the same time... hey its only illegal to drive while texting and talking on cell phone noone said anything about hands free and trying to entertain your little one. But it worked.. no toy needed to be bought.

At the red light I'm clapping and singing and looks like no one else is in the car with me.. So I turn to see the person next to me giving me a wierd look. but hey if it keeps a baby happy then looking crazy is all worth it.

So they calmed down to their sweet lullabies (BEP) and clapping in the monster. and I had two happy babies and one happy crazy mama.

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