Thursday, December 16, 2010

Martha Stewart ain't welcome here.

As I was walking in the house the other day I thought... Martha Stewart.. she wouldn't be very happy here.

The other day I was looking online for some fun Christmas crafts to do in my classroom.. oh did I forget to mention that I was a teacher... opps.. so my hellakids are just not my kids but my class kids that I call my kids.. whew...
Soo.....I bumped into Martha Stewarts page... she she she's not honest. yeah. not honest.

um not honest.. and you know what the synonym for not honest is.. but I'm not gonna say it.

Doesn't look so easy does it... cute but not easy for my uncoordinated, non-crafty mama.. (shhh secretly I wish I was). Maybe Santa will bring me that Crafty mama to my title. I'm not crossing my fingers.

So frustrated as I was... I decided forget Martha Stewart I'm just gonna do the plain ole me. Not sure what it is yet but Martha Stewart ain't happening here. One reason is that it ain't easy. and the other is that ain't, ain't a word. So not proper for Martha.

Sorry... so after I walked in my house, my loud, music popping, kids running, diapers being changed, kids scrambling around looking for soccer gear house.. I looked and saw that um well Martha wouldn't be liking it here. And I thought so what. Cause i do!
Even if it means shoes, a banana peel that never got thrown away and a sippy cup on a decorated console. And a half decorated, to big for the angel to stand straight Christmas tree. Its my Martha Stewartness that I like. Puts a smile to my face.. Oh and if Martha wants to come and show me how "Easy" those Christmas Crafts are.. fine comeover.. but I don't want to hear a thing.

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Party of 5 said...

Hi, there! Saw you commented on my blog and wanted to come over and check out yours! Looks like you've just started - good for you, I hope you enjoy writing it. I love how your tree looks like mine - no ornaments on the bottom half. Merry Christmas to you!