Sunday, October 2, 2011

The weekend.

Nothings different from before.. yet I don't know why I don't post as often. Its not like I don't have things to say.. but I swear it seems like this year seems crazier than last year. not sure why yet.  
 This weekend we all went to our first Stanford game.  We've had tickets for a while now... but haven't had guts to go with everyone.  And this Saturday we did. Everyone had a blast.  We were really close to the field.  Right in front. The band was at our left and the cheerleaders were right in front.  The kids including the big ones had a smile on their faces all night.  I didn't have my hands free a lot that night so I wish I took more pics. But I'll have to ask Lisa for some pics.   


So today..before bed time.. I saw Lala online.  I asked her what she was doing.  And she said.. "oh just looking at something from the game."
"like what?" I asked.
"Something that I saw,  I want to see if they have something on youtube." Lala explained.

In my head I thought.. oh she must be looking at the cheerleading stuff, I wonder if she is interested in it.. hmmm
ANd then I heard the music... the noise... the crowd... and took a look at the screen.  It was the college band playing at a game. And then she searched youtube for USC band.. and she was loving it.. then she said..
"so if I keep practicing my clarinet... will i sound like that too.."

And I was thinking she was interested in cheerleading... nope.  She wants to rock out with the band.. That's if she is not the one playing out on the field :)  

And today's picture events at the pumpkin patch.

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