Thursday, July 28, 2011

Anything is possible

I just realized it.. you know how you feel connected to mother nature/animals. I just realized my kids are. The two younger ones are connected somehow to a certain animal. I didn't know it until yesterday. I would question about their behavior and wonder where in the world they got it from. And yesterday I found the answer. You see Santiago and Amali have recently been screaming high pitch screams for everything...

"MAMA AGGGHHHIIIEEEE... les go ouside aggghhhiiieeee.... look mama aghhiee book... agghhhieee.. Mama leche aggghhieee.."

both just scream for no reason but to get our attention. And I would just look and ask the 2 and 1 year old where in the world did they get this from.. Why are you screaming.. stop screaming...and then yesterday we went to Discovery Kingdom... passed the dolphins.. and knew it.. there it was that same screeching scream... except instead of it being my kids it was the dolphins talking to eachother..

agghiiee... agghhiieee..a ggghhieee..  

And I knew.. the babies are dolphins... that's it.. Its possible.. somehow their DNA got mixed up with dolphins.. Yeah I must have gone to Sea World or the dolphins in Puerto V got in my blood and mixed in both pregnancies.. They must be cause where in the heck would they get this screaming from.. besides anything is possible..

heck if this can happen.... then so can this.... 

Ouch.. sorry Mama she beat you.. 

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