Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Beginning

Finally.. I've been able to get up and just do about anything.. ok sike.. I'm kidding like that really can happen with 4 kids. Just wanted to say it.. But seriously summer is here aghh... Time to just chill. for a bit.  Our days are not packed with schedules and running around.  We actually were able to enjoy dinner together and clean up afterwards and had time to watch a movie.  

Santiago had his first day in the pool.  He loved it.  Afterwards we came in the house to relax.   My Ma made this wonderful bright colored (with orange :) ) quilt.  We are LOVING IT!

While Santiago swam I covered him up with a hat, sunscreen, a shirt, etc.. and yet this boy still got his farmer tan.

Ama received this cute princess kit.  Girl already knew what to do with it.  She didn't need no cute dress or any ribbons in her hair.. She wore it like it was nothing new.. like if she already knew she was a princess.

Except this Princess gets crazy...  She is no dainty princess.. In fact she will run and play and run in her heels.. if they allowed her.. So after the first hour of her playing.. those heels well.. couldn't keep up with her.
So Ms. Cinderella needs to get her heel glued on.  But that still didn't stop her.  She kept moving,  running, chasing, ordering, demanding, dancing, singing, hugging, loving... she still did her thing, even with one heelless shoe.  She's got skills!

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