Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I wish I had more interesting stories to share.. but its the end of the school year and my brain has turned to mesh. But I do have random accomplishments that I am proud of..

#1. Santiago no longer likes to play with the water... in the toilet. He is over it and doesn't run to the bathroom when he sees the door open. Which works with accomplishment #2

#2. Amali has mastered the technique of opening closed doors. Even when it has the child proof thingamajig.. She's one smart girl.. and opens All. Of. The. DOORS!

#3. The kids are growing up... Which means more chores or I should say different types of chores added to the list.. For example.. Instead of Papos and Lala setting the table ... Now they are also cleaning up and washing dishes on that list. Papos has even practiced on sweeping and putting it in a pile. YES!

#4. Amali is not afraid of the pool.. (yikes) I know what the hell kind of accomplishment is that... Well I'm looking into the future... That means she will be swimming by the end of the summer. Yes I said it.. I think she will.

There's the few that I have.. I have more.. but I'll have time to share some more later :) that's what summer is for! YAY!

Since the sun has decided to show up here are a few pics from the last of the rain.. at least I hope.
You'd swear my dad was gone for months.. yeah it was only the day. Whats gonna happen when they go on vacation next Monday.. Skype better work.. or else I'm in deep.. caca!


Oh and we got a tether ball... Yup.. who's down for some tether ball tourneys??? hmmm
And Ms. Ama.. decided that cold ass rain and wind wont stop her from wearing her boots with her dress.


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