Sunday, May 1, 2011

Years in the making...

Today we took advantage of the light wind.  The Easter bunny delivered a late basket.. but it was full of goodies and today we used the bubbles.. I mean who doesn't like bubbles.  And yes I notice in the picture below that my son does not know how to blow a pipe... and I'm proud of him ! :)

And here is very weird fact about myself... yes weird.   I have never ever I don't think baked cupcakes by myself.  Yes its hard to admit it... Considering that I am a mother to 4 kids and you would think somehow I would know how to.. Well I didn't.  My Mom brought over the stuff.. And I about 50 or less cupcakes for Lala's birthday tomorrow..  But I did learn a lesson 10 years in the making... Its a little story of why my poor Lala was afraid of the whole birthday ritual.
Ignore the burnt tortilla on the side... realized I can't do two things at a time!

You see when Lala turned 1.. we had a little party for her.. Just us.  Javi, Me, Lala, My sister, My BIL and Yoya.  So I figured.. Hey I could bake a cake... ugh little did I know that there are some rules to baking... and decorating. You see at the time I was watching the Rosie O'Donnell show and was picking up some tips.. Which worked.. but they failed to mention one thing!  I started to put the frosting on the cake before it cooled down.  And well.. look below.

It created a scary looking cake below.. And what you don't see in our picture below is that after this picture we started to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Lala.  And she freaked out.  Yes she cried at her cake because it was a scary looking thing.  And at every birthday party she was at ... when it came down to singing happy birthday.. my little girl would freak out.  And yes when she was 2... a year later.. she was still scared.  We had to put in her Preschool form.. "she is not afraid of much.. only birthday cakes and singing birthday songs".  My bad... But on a good note.. Tomorrow is her Birthday. She isn't afraid of cakes anymore.  And I made my first batch of cupcakes!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY GIRL!


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