Thursday, May 19, 2011


Just a heads up... This might make some uncomfortable. Not me, I don't know why I need to blast it all on the blog. But then again this is my virtual scrapbook so my children will read it when they get older and have great fond memories:) And that's why I'm letting you know just in case it makes you uncomfortable.

So I did it .. I had the talk with my girl. I had to. You see the kids watched a video on their body changing and getting into conversations about things made me realize that if I don't talk now then someone will talk to her about it.. I told her what I could. I had to laugh at some points but looking at her sweet innocent face made me realize that I was doing the right thing.

First I started with asking her questions... First basic ones.. What are the body parts that a girl and boy have? Then questions like.. Why do you think women have their periods? TO How do you think women get pregnant?

The What questions were simple. She knew the basics. They Why and Hows were still confusing to her.

SO I just explained to her... The facts... A woman's egg and a man's sperm meet and produce a baby.
She looked confused.... Not really sure what to think...
Lala- So where does the sperm come from.
Me: The sperm comes from a penis.
Lala - oh. so how does it get to the egg.
Me: (a little nervous) um well the penis enters the vagina and releases the sperm so that it can meet up with the egg and make a baby.
Lala - oh. (time passes by) ..
Me: What are you thinking?
Lala - OH! I get it... Is that why Daddy had his surgery?
Me: What? What do you mean?
Lala- Well did Daddy have the surgery because you had to chop the penis off to put the sperm in the egg. So he had the surgery to connect it back together...?
Me: (trying my hardest not to laugh.. really trying... but she could see my smile.. almost laughing... ) um... No... That would be too painful. His surgery was for something else. You don't need to chop the penis off to get the sperm.
Lala - oh.. ok..
Me: Any other questions?
Lala - Nope. Not yet.

What I learned from my girl is that she is still a little girl. She has not received any wrong information. I don't regret telling her and I know that the conversation will never be over. But I know that if I keep the conversation open with her then I hope I've done the right thing. I hope that her innocent mind stays that way for a long time.. but she has 1 more year before middle school. And that is scary. Taking one step at a time!

Oh and no Lorena Bobbitt wifey here :)

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