Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New and Old Wednesday... Word!

Its an interesting sort of Wednesday.  A Wednesday where I'm not really sure what next years Wednesday will be like.. An open Wednesday that brought me back to old school Wednesday.  A changing Wednesday that really just was the same Wednesday.  I know, I know .. what the hell is she talking about... It's Wednesday... and that is just it!

This Wednesday I went back to my cooking days.  Huh what?  Yes.. Cooking. I keep telling Javi that I think I must be going through a type of cooking depression where I just don't want to or feel like cooking.  Really I think its just our schedule is crazy so cooking our quick easy meals usually happen (spaghetti, taco salad, burritos).  Also I have been blessed {spoiled} with my mother living close by and cooking amazing meals.  I should be learning from her talents... but I'm just not a cook.  I'm the type of cooker that needs a recipe.. even if I cook it all the time.  I can't come up with a meal by just looking in my kitchen.  I don't have random food in my house for some of the meals these recipe books have.  But today this Wednesday I cooked.  Chicken Parmesan was today's meal.  And guess what.. not to bad. I just think I need to be organized by Sunday so that the week is a funday.. and not a spaghetti day.

Today, was also a basketball playing day.. a normal regular day.. Lala and Javi competing game... nothing new.  Even Ms. Ama.. just like her mama playing games in her heals.. hell if I can mow the lawn in boots this girl can play in my shoes.

Also, today it brought back memories of when I was a kid.  Things don't really change much... just technology.  So the cool thing that Lala loves to do now is go on youtube and  finds a song to memorize.  I remember when we had to record the song from the radio to a tape.  Then have to rewind and stop and rewind and stop and write down the lyrics. ... Lucky kids.. damn technology.


Wordish Wednesday

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