Sunday, April 17, 2011

Battle on the compound.

  I remember the days, when we were young and we had nothing to do.  The neighborhood kids would get together in the back and think of games to play.    One of the infamous ones was cops and robbers, chasing each other down playing tag, pretending to shoot each other, hiding behind cars, fences and trees.  We had to put a stop to that game because I think someone complained.  But it was one of the best gameS to play.   And then in college when I met Javi, we went to visit his family.  His younger brother and sister were still little and wanted to play some games.  So Javi told them... "Lets show Celena how to play guns."
     They had some GI Joe looking guns, sticks, brooms whatever they found and played guns like we use to play.    Javi being a college student  knew some tricks and ways to hide and never get caught.  And you see you and to play on a trust game.  It sounded like this... "BAM, BAM, I SHOT YOU!"  
and so because we only had to go on what we thought was out, sometimes these games would go on forever.
But it didn't matter cause it was a blast. 
And this weekend... we brought it back..  Friday, the kids were out and about and Papos found his two nerf guns... So he got the girls and Javi to play some rounds of "guns" with him.  But since we didn't have enough guns, Papos used an umbrella and Javi used ... something... It worked.  they had fun.

And Victor our compa's birthday was this weekend.  He only had one birthday request.  To have a NERF war with the kids on the compound... Well  you can see... it was a war.  I'm not sure who had more fun... the kids or two 32 year old men.  hmmmm...
And in war sometimes you get hurt.. Lala learned a lesson.. Don't try to run through palm trees just to win..cause they will hurt you.. (But don't worry she's alright.. tough cookie)

 And with the shooting came the collecting the nerf bullets and the planning of who was on teams, and where to hide, and who to get... etc etc. etc..
Oh and yeah.. the mamas got involved to Tere, Lisa and I got in the game... Lets just say.. we might need more practice!


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