Monday, March 21, 2011

Random Monday

1. Javi says that Ama sleeps like me. I say he's lying... But i guess I don't watch myself sleep. And I've had many times where people try to talk to me when I sleep. Something about sleeping with eyes open.

2. And heres some of the random 20 pics AMA took while we were trying to keep them busy while shopping for a dress. Which is another story to tell.

3. I've also learned that some stores think that big voluptuous girls like me need to just look horrible in dresses they only sell in my size. Might as well just drape a sheet over me and cut a hole and ad some color to it. Jeez not a fun time. ( no picture here/ blah)

4. And it's official I'm buying Lala clothes from the junior section:(. She is to big for the kid clothes and fits in the small size for teens. So sad. And her shoe size is just as big as a teen size 6 1/2. And u know what that means.... Its more expensive aye.

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