Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The park

We love our trips to the park. Javi and the kids love to play games all the time. So everytime we come to a new park it's such a great time that the kids never want to leave. And since the big kids and little kids love the park both Mama and Dada have to go on the structure with them. Javi doesn't mind, neither do I but....

Heights still make me nervous. And why is it so easy for kids to climb up and jump around and run around and go crazy without getting nervous.  I was up there and I couldn't let go.. So now I'm just going to make myself use to these heights and expect to NOT get chills and a tickle in my stomach.. Cause I won't be afraid.. I won't i wont I wont!

And since we are at a park you'd expect the bathroom to be close by... right. Well it wasn't that close by... and thank goodness the kids didn't need to go... but I was thinking man if they do .. how would I do this if Javi wasn't there.. You see when we are involved in activities outside.. Sometimes.. I'm not ashamed.. but sometimes.. Papos.. would just go.. outside.. at the compound.. (Great now you are gonna see the compound all different)  Don't worry he doesn't just whip it out and randomly go everywhere... He had a spot (cause he doesn't do it anymore)...he he he..
Anyhow it was a habit that Javi got him use to... They would be in the middle of a game.. and Papos was doing his potty dance and I would yell PAPOS go to the bathroom.. But since he didn't want to miss much of the game... Javi said, "You need to go number 1?"
Papos - "Yeah!"
Javi- "ok.. just go there" and point to a certain corner

So he got use to just going... going in that corner.  And I would say.. Jeez boys I think they could see you... But according to them it didn't happen a lot.
SO back at the park... I thought man.. if I was by myself.. I hope Papos wouldn't try to go  like he use too..
And what do I hear... A boy say MOM.. I NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!  
Wasn't my boy.. whew.. but wouldn't matter Javi was there.  But that boy ran.. Not sure where.  And then I hear his sisters say.. MA MA... BRANDON IS GOING TO THE BATHROOM BEHIND THE TREE... 
Ma said- Its okay..leave him alone.

OMG.. wow.. guess she didn't teach him that number 1 was probably better to do in public then number 2.  So big brother goes to check it out.. while mom is RUNNING SO FAST to her boy.. to stop him from going..
And yes.. I took a picture.. couldn't help to.. and laugh.. I know .. I'm hearing it.. (celena..somethings don't need to be taken a picture of..) But how can you imagine it with out a visual... not a bad one though.

So yes.. I was a proud mama.. to know that I taught my boy well!  If its an emergency boys.. only number 1.. but try to make it to the bathroom.. Infact.. I don't think we've ever been to a park where they've gone to the bathroom out in public.  But yes.. I was proud of my boys anyway.
And here's the picture that I was taking of the girls until.. I was interrupted with the bathroom call.

And here are my kids earlier today kicking at Walmart.. enjoying a day out relaxing..

And the man of my dreams... my man... saved my baby girl today... Ama was hungry and stuffed  a lot in her mouth.. and was choking..(Yes, Teresa, CHOKING.. you would have died) I almost died... SHe was red in the face.. couldn't cough it up.. SO he got her up, swooped it out of her mouth, hit her back... and she was fine.. Took me a while to calm down.. but she got up took a breath.. said.. ew yucky.. and was off to go play... Oh that girl... Scared the heck out of me.. But my man.. SAVED THE DAY!

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