Thursday, March 24, 2011


I know I'm a day late.. but that's what happens when you are vacation ... everything... doesn't... have a timeline.
I also don't have any cords to connect my camera to the computers... So all the pics are from my iphone.  YAY for technology.
So yesterday we went to Discovery Science Museum.  The kids thought it was going to be a boring museum that their parents were forcing them to go to... Little did they realize that duh.. museums aren't boring.. and we weren't forcing them we were just making them go... ok ok forcing. But they loved it!  It was fun.  All 4 kids had a blast.  Here are some pics of our trip.


Javi and three older kids inside the wind tunnel.. Wind was going up to 70mph... I thought Ama was gonna fly out.. (Now I know what my peeps at home are feeling this weekend). 

Kids kicking it at Elmo's Pad.. They sure do know how to make themselves feel right at home.

Part of the crew.. hitting up 123 Sesame Street...

This would have been my favorite place... We use to pretend to have a grocery store at our house after we came back shopping.. So we had our make believe cash registers.. made the noise when we swiped the items.. Rebagged the items (even when my ma was yelling oh I mean telling us to put the groceries away).  And to have this... It would have been amazing.  So yes.. I was playing with them too.

And who would have thought that taking the kids to a museum and paying for tickets and spending all day there wouldn't be the highlight to one of the kids day... Yes now we know what easy and inexpensive way to entertain Amali... Find stairs and a ramp for her to run around and around and around... for like 20 m ins..  And she almost died when we were leaving... So I'm on a hunt.. To a random location so she can have her fun again!


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