Saturday, January 1, 2011

Have I ever told you about..

Have I ever told you about the story of Santiago...
Well if you haven't heard here it is..

Three is a good number.. That would make us a family of 5.  So the plan was to just have 3.  We could have a small car and just fit right.  We could have all 3 at different schools during certain years.  We could have the girls together on rides while the boys (dad including) hanging out.  3 was what we were good with.

So Javi the hubby and I decided that he would do the deed.  That it was his turn for pain.  So he made the appointment. And we were ready. Ready for 3.  Ready for the V.  Ready for all the plans of just 3.

Then came appointment time. Javi, if you don't know him is active like papos.  He pumps himself up for football, to workout, to cook, to play with the kids etc... So he needed to pump himself up for the big V DAY.  Mentally he was ready, physically he was ready.. It was a go.
So that morning we get a phone call from our Bro in law... he said... hey i know that if  Javi takes Advil before the appointment that his healing process will be better.  So I as a good wife said.. Hey Javi.. take advil that way you won't be in so much pain...
He took it. got his Ipod, his paper work and things and ready to go. We went. we checked in. we sat. he got called in. he gave me a kiss. He went in but before gave me a nervous smile like my kids do. I gave him the mama look like.. you'll be ok. and he was gone.
I was ready to give him the speech. The I'm so proud of you. You are awesome, i love you..etc,etc.
2 mins later he was out with a not so smile. He said, "they have to reschedule". I said "WHAT?" He said, "cause I took ADVIL!"... How the hell was I suppose to know that its a blood thinner.. It worked for others. he was not so happy and i was not happy to give the speech.

So we rescheduled for 3 months later. eee ughh..ummm ... 3 months, 3 months thats all that was needed.. cause 3 months time came Santiago in the belly.   And so that's why we would call him
baby ADVIL.
Now we are even. 4 kids, an even number. 2 girls 2 boys. just right for us.

Thank you BIL and thank you ADVIL cause now I have we have our baby "Advil" Santiago.

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Mommy Dearest said...

And thank God for all the babies that we didn't plan. For me that would be all 4...