Thursday, December 30, 2010


We try not to compare each child from each other. But sometimes its hard when we say things like.. but Ama was walking at this months, and Sofi was talking at this month. So we try to take each milestone with each child as a special event.

My baby Santi knows how to roll to one side. He's on his back and roll to his stomach or He's on his stomach and will roll to his back. but never more than just a half of roll.
So this morning he made his milestone.. Rolls and rolls and rolls. yay..
but not so good for mama or baby.

You see when we are at home we have a set sleeping pattern. We know where everyone sleeps and when they wake up where the babies go.. etc etc.

Well lets just say we had to many bodies on the bed this morning. Normally I would have Santi in the middle. But since Ama was there and she is the craziest sleeper I know I knew that it wouldn't be safe for Santi to be there.
So I woke up to cuddle with my babies and Santi's bottle fell of the bed. And what did Santi do... Roll, roll, and roll. He rolled for his bottle. He rolled so much he rolled of the bed. I was like 1 sec behind him. Not fast enough.  As Santi was rolling I was trying to grab him and saw him slipping down and rolling. wasnt fast enough. My baby rolled off the bed.
Good news is he rolled off and landed on his butt. He didn't cry at all. He was like.. Yes got my bottle. and was good to go. But his mother was traumatized of the rolling off the bed event. It was a scary moment.

But then I saw him smile and give me the look like. "what?"
and I knew all was good. and so then we celebrated his milestone. He rolled and rolled and rolled.

Yay for the rolling. boo for the falling.

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