Sunday, September 11, 2011

We remember,

10 years... 10 years ago I remember.. I still do. I woke up, Javi got ready for work, I put on the TV. we saw on the news. In disbelief. It was dark outside, like if mother nature knew something terrible was happening. Javi left to work, we hugged and knew to keep in contact. I watched TV, while our 1 1/2 year old was sleeping beautifully tucked in her bed. I saw, then the next.... I was talking to someone on the phone.. not sure really with who or knowing what the heck was happening. but it did. And then they fell.. And I asked the person on the phone.. wait.. isn't there people in there.. ? what's going on.. and we were quiet. shocked. upset. and it was quiet. And our baby woke up, and I ran to her, hugged her.

I don't remember a lot about things, but I do remember that day. And it's true..

and 10 years have passed, 3 kids later, a move to a house, a job, and we still remember.
The little ones don't understand what it is, but Lala and Papos and I have talked about it. And they ask why? why? would anyone do that... and I just hug them just like I did that day and say I love you, and to remember what love is, how to pray for those who have been hurt, to respect those in pain, and remember to love and not hate.

I can teach them that and to keep them safe.
But I will always remember, never forget.

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Cannwin said...

I was pregnant with my oldest when 9/11 happened. We watched some of the memorial services this weekend and she kept peppering me with questions... over and over and over until I finally snapped at her and told her to just listen.

I didn't realize until the words were out of my mouth that I was so caught up in my own emotional state. I was practically having a panic attack.

So I had to take a deep breath and answer her questions and remember what it felt like for me to watch.

Here's my story: