Sunday, September 4, 2011

Birthday boy

Today was my big boys birthday.. The one that keeps me on my toes and who always has a ball in his hand. He turned 7 today.. So how do I keep him little still?  i don't want him to grow up.. because in just 10 years.. just 10.. he'll be 17 :(  ... He'll still be my baby.. but it makes me sad to know that they grow up so fast.

  He's ready to be a big boy, infact he thinks he's ready for a gun.. No not a nerf gun.. but a real gun.

Me:  um.. Hell No.. I mean..'re to young for a gun.
Papos:.  ok not a real gun but an air pistol.. gun..
Me :  sorry son, NO.. in my house only Nerf guns allowed, sorry. No other guns allowed.
Javi:   Sorry Papos we cant get a gun, not if we live here in the house.  We'd have to not live with Mama.
Papos: ok then lets move!

No thought about it, no questions asked.. just a plain ole OK lets move.. cause forget my mama I want a gun.  And then Papos looked at me and I gave him the oh hell no you didn't look and he ran to me and said.. just kidding.. So I'm keeping him young!

But just cause he's still young... I'm feeling old.  Yesterday I got up the wrong way, too fast, weird movement.. and pulled a muscle in my back.. So all day I've been walking crooked, on Motrin and smelling like Bengay.  Not the best way to go for a birthday.. but nothing stops a mama when it's time to celebrate.. plus I gave birth to him too.. So I kind of have a mini celebration for myself.
Happy Birthday my boy...mama loves you.. even if you'd rather move away from home to get a gun then to be with your mama... I will always love you! :) 

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