Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Days...

Summer days are so precious to us.  Growing up in Woodland out in the country we use to have our own little summer camp there.  My dad use to pitch up a tent or two and we would spend all of our time outside.  I remember having at least 11 kids our cousins and us at camp.  We didn't need no YMCA or Parks and Rec.  What you talking about.. We had our own activities thanks to our director Gloria and her assistant Teresa.  My Ma would set up movies nights with chairs and popcorn in a brown paper bag.  There would be a day in the week were we would go in town to the movies or the mall (these were the days where the mall was cool to go to and just walk around with my ma of course).

Other days the boys would come up with cool fun games.  Each person had their own character to play.. Tere my sista would be the drama director and have an idea of what we would do. Tere and I being the damsel in distress.. of course I just followed the big sis in what to do.;  The boys would either were the wise man, the hero, the villains,  the scientist ... who ever they were .. we would be out there for hours coming up with scenes and stories.  "lets pretend you are behind the bush hiding and you come out walking and I grab you and take you and the hero tries to save you"  or "lets get shovels and rakes and run to the cornfield and play CHILDREN OF THE CORN"..
These were the days before wii, internet, cell phones.. Where being a kid meant grabbing your bike in the morning and riding it to the end of the street to see if we can catch tadpoles or frogs.  Where we swam all day and ate from the fruit trees.. Where we hid behind the bush next to our neighbors house when we saw some of their animals well... we just would.. hide. 
And now I could say.. we could somehow provide that for our crew.  Our summers are a little different.. But its the new G (generation)  Camp.  And evey year might be different and we might not live in the country.. but the compound will do.  And it works. For us.  But I'm looking to grow some corn next year.. that way they can play CHILDREN OF THE CORN too :)

So now enjoy some pic these next few post.. They'll be of our NEW "G" CAMP at the compound.

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