Saturday, July 2, 2011


Usually when someone is on any type of break they would have more time.. Well I guess being home with everyone doesn't allow the more time.. and being gone for almost two weeks doesn't give any time to blog. SO I haven't been ignoring this lets just say I've been gathering information and stories to add to the blog.

This vacation has already started out great. We were so LUCKY to have been able to go to many different events... Britney Spears concert (thanks Lola), San Diego, Santa Ana, Sea World, the beach, and one that will stay in our memory forever is the GAME!!! GOLD CUP 2011 Mexico VS. USA in Pasadena California!
We were really not sure if we should go.. ok actually I was a little hesitant but like my hubby said.. Its like our only "WORLD CUP" type of game we will probably go to.. plus the OG's LOVE soccer and its Mexico VS. USA! How could we not.. Its us playing against.. well us!

SO we went.. And it was an experience I will never or should I say WE will all never forget..  Awesome seats.. Awesome crowd.. 90% of the fans were cheering for Mexico.. so thank goodness we had our Mexico gear on otherwise.. we'd get free beer.. ok ok not really free. but probably poured on us.  (even though after every goal there was beer flying everywhere.. I told the kids to close their mouths.. but who could when you're screaming loud)

So many good and bad stories and experiences to tell.. within those hours of being there.. Like Lala seeing a girl fight a couple feet away from us, or being a part of a huge awesome crowd doing the WaVe,  seeing all 6 goals.. LIVE, listening to all of the traditional things said and done during the game.. Papos' teacher would be very proud.. I'm sad that I didn't record it.. because it was sooo cute... towards the end of the game.. Thousands and Thousands of fans were singing Cielito lindo..  and I look down and who do i see singing their little head off.. My Papos... It was awesome!

And one chants Papos really liked.. We asked him.. Papos what was your favorite part of the game..  I got a clip of it.. Its when everytime Howard (goalkeeper) would get the ball Mexico fans would yell... a not so nice thing.. watch..

Daddy: " So what was your favorite part?"
Papos: " I liked it when they said "UNO!"
US:  UNO?? When did they say UNO
Papos: Duh... when they said... aggggggghhhhhhhhhhh UNO!
US: .. he he he he

Donovan.. woo hoo!

Chicharito, Giovani, y RAFA!!!


Marin Crew!

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