Monday, March 28, 2011


This weekend... has gone by way to fast...
We got home tried to unpack... tried to get ready... for a wonderful event.
We were so honored to be able to attend and be part of a 50th anniversary.   It is such an awesome thing to see two people in love  and be able to see that love, life and happiness can be forever!
I was also so happy to try to take pictures of the event... Now remember we did have all of the kids... so trying to take care of all the kids with me and hubby and try to take pictures.. is a hard thing.. but we can try to do it... So I'm not satisfied and wish I could have done more... but I guess that means I'm just gonna have to bug them and take some stalker, paparazzi pictures :).

 Just a few... of what I took... Although I think that night.. I perfected the technique of holding a baby... taking a picture with my left hand.. even though I'm right handed... That's what  a hellakids..mama does.
And my baby girl and her daddy having their moment of dancing... And yes Javi almost died that night... Some boys were trying to innocently dance with the girls.. Javi being the over-protected dad didn't like it.. He busted it and danced in between them... I told him to be ready... For when they do become teens.. And now we have already signed up to be chaperones at their middle school dances  (yet they have 2 years till they get there) ... Aye poor girls
 And since Saturday was a WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL DAY..  Sunday was a lounging day.. I mean seriously I woke up and told Javi.. Today I ain't doing anything.. Its Lounging day!  And all Hellakids were over ...  play date.

 And this is how you feed the hellakids crew...
And then I look back and all the OG's were  gone... .


And they answered... AMA!

 I thought she was still part of the baby crew... I guess since she will be two this Friday... they consider her to be out from the baby label... I'm still gonna call them our babies... 

Now gotta plan a party.. Gonna plan a Hellakids party with all babies.. hmmmm themes, water, dancing, margarita mixers... oh wait sounds like a party for us... Well they'll love it.  Plus the mamas should have the party too since we were apart of their birth too!

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