Sunday, March 6, 2011

Little girls growing up

  Today was a regular Sunday.  Busy cleaning, folding, washing etc.  I noticed that my dear Lala went in her room and closed her door and turned her radio on.  Now normally its not a big deal because she usually goes in and changes and then comes out. But today she was hanging out in her room.  It was a shock to me because I didn't want my little girl to grow up so fast.  Grow up fast?  How so? I know I overreact... And all these crazy thoughts were going in my head when her door was closed.  I thought.. She is writing in her diary about how much she is mad at us... She sneaked the phone in her room to call someone with the door closed.  She is in there combing her hair and changing her outfit 10 times... She is writing in a notebook I Heart..someone... Or maybe she is trying to sneak out.. But the worst one was she was trying to avoid us and stay away from the whole crew.  Which I thought all were totally possible.  I guess my biggest fear was that she was turning from Tween to teen...  And I didn't like it.  So I told Javi.. that her door was closed... and we knocked and walked in... And saw...
My sweet tween was combing her American girl dolls hair...
 And Ama came in to join her.  I guess my paranoid, overreacting self.. needs to accept that sooner or later... all listed above will happen. I just hope not any time soon. Cause I like it when she plays. 

 And on Saturday while getting ready for the games.. all I heard Lala say , "Well at least it wasn't permanent marker!" 
And all I screamed was, "AMA, WHAT DID YOU DO?"
And I walked in to her hiding.  So I knew something... something was done.  And she looked up.
and I knew... I knew.. next step to look on the wall.

And found about 4 different places were she decided to mark up again.. again..and again.. Although if you look on the bright side... We thought she was trying to write her name. :)

And little Miss Thing.. Now knows how to get out of the play pen from her naps... We knew it was almost time for her to be in a toddler bed.. but we figured she'd escape so the play did work... it works no more.

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Anonymous said...

That is her signature. I taught her to write AMA and she is trying. Granpa