Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I like books. I like the smell of the bookstore. When you enter the front door and smell that smell of brand new books with coffee on the side. yum. I like to look at books nicely stacked and put away in order. I like the way it looks organized and clean. cause even if i tried it at my house and spent hours working on my bookshelf you all know what would happen at the end. um err not gonna say names.. AMA... Papos... Santi .. Lala.. not knowing order, organization. not yet :) I like books. (if you would have asked me when I was a child if I liked books, I'd probably say I would've wrote something completely different. true. only if they were true crime books.i liked to read about serial killers.. hmm zodiac..:) )

So today we went to the bookstore. 1 because we like too and 2 because its fun. even if we have a lot of kids. We went upstairs to the store and enjoy a good time reading books to the kids with the family. It was a treat.

When we were about to line up to get some books for the kids Javi asked me.. "So, aren't you going to get a book? We are on vacation."

I smiled and said no. I think he forgot we have hellakids and even on vacation there is no time to read a book... maybe a magazine short sweet and to the point. but not a book. soon though soon. zodiac is calling my name again. :)

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tami b said...

I like books too! It's my escape from everything, including all those kids!